On October 5th, Hurricane Matthew swept through the country of Haiti. This was also the date we were expected to fly out and teams were expected to arrive within the next week. It was very difficult to wait, but we were able to fly in that next Monday. The children at the orphanage were evacuated to another orphanage in Port au Prince temporarily until the repair to the fence that was washed away from the hurricane was complete. When we arrived, we also stayed at the same orphanage as the children. A few days later we took a drive to Leogane to see the damage that was done. Pictures can’t explain how that wall was totally gone and that there was that much water in the river to do that much damage.

We were able to help financially to get a new fence up to get the children back to their home. About a week later, the children arrived back at the orphanage. Food was purchased and put back in the depot for the month. There was no food when they arrived. The children were so excited to be home again and they started the school back up shortly after that. Thank you to all who help donate funds to help make this happen.

Hands of Friendship Missions would like to thank all of those who helped donate funds to help the orphanage during this difficult time. Whether you donated money, shopped at the thrift store, or donated items for us to raise money, this all helps support these children at the orphanage. Thank you! We couldn’t do it with you!!